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Sorus has all new puzzles for you! Each are designed with a stunning picture that can only be found at Sorus.ca

Sorus puzzles have colorful, detailed and engaging puzzle pictures; and are an excellent way to exercise your brain functions while also having fun! Our top quality puzzle pieces fit perfectly together every time to ensure the best puzzling experience. Sorus puzzles are also planet conscious!

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All New Jigsaw Puzzles

Extraordinary Pictures 

Jigsaw Puzzles with Extraordinary Pictures

Stunning puzzle pictures that can only be found at Sorus.ca

High Definition 2400+ dpi printing for a colorful and engaging artwork

Art Paper with high brightness and favorable gloss provides a very comfortable visual experience

Top Quality Pieces 

Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Micrometer precision cutting technology ensures pieces that fit perfectly together every time!

High Density(gsm) Greyboard for extra-thick and extra-durable pieces that do not fray.

Sustainable Materials 

Jigsaw Puzzles made with Sustainable Materials

100% Recycled Greyboard made using pulp produced from waste paper and cardboard

Soy Based Ink made from soybeans, natural resins and waxes that are environmentally friendly. No petroleum based inks are used.